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Benefits of Solid State Lighting vs. Conventional Lighting

Lasts Longer Than Any Other Light Source --- 10 Years

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) contain solid-state technology made in Silicon Valley using similar technologies that are used in the latest microprocessors. These solid-state sevices have no moving parts, no fragile glass environments, no mercury, no filament. There is nothing to break, rupture, no toxic gasses, and shatter, leak, or contaminate.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Since LED based light sources last at least 10 times longer than a normal light source, there is no need to replace the light source, reducing or even eliminating ongoing maintenance costs and periodic relamping expenses.

More Energy Efficient X Environmentally Friendly

High power LED light sources are more efficient than incandescent and most halogen light sources. When viewing solid-state lighting as an alternative, it is important to consider the total system level benefits. For example, due to the decrease in energy used for the lighting of a building, air handling costs drop, generating both additional initial and ongoing investment savings.

No Mercury in the Light Source

Unlike most fluorescent sources, LEDs contains no Mercury.

No Heat or UV in the Light Beam

Conventional light sources contain invisible radiation as well as the visible component of light in the beam. This radiation can be very short wavelength blue, known as ultraviolet light, or long wavelength red, known as infrared, which causes heat. as heat. Infrared light can damage displayed objects, increases air conditioning costs.

Vivid Saturated Colours X Without Filters

Light Emitting Diodes require no filters to create coloured light, resulting in deeper saturated colours without wasted light.

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