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solid state lighting knowledge

Benefits of Solid State Lighting vs. Conventional Lighting

Lasts longer than any other light source - 10,000 hours, reduced maintenance costs, more energy efficient - environmentally friendly, no heat or UV in the light beam ... read more

what is light emitting diodes

A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor device that emits incoherent narrow-spectrum light when electrically biased in the forward direction. This effect is a form of electroluminescence. ... read more

leds failure modes

The most common way for LEDs (and diode lasers) to fail is the gradual lowering of light output and loss of efficiency. However, sudden failures can occur as well. ... read more

Considerations of using leds

Unlike incandescent light bulbs, which light up regardless of the electrical polarity, LEDs will only light with positive electrical polarity. When the voltage across the p-n junction is in the correct direction, a significant current flows and the device is said to be forward-biased. ... read more

Advantages and disadvantages of using LEDs

LEDs produce more light per Watt than do incandescent bulbs; this is useful in battery powered devices. ... read more

light emitting diode driver considerations

Many of today's portable electronics require backlight LED-driver solutions with the following features: direct control of current, high efficiency, PWM dimming, overvoltage protection, load disconnect, small size, and ease of use. ... read more